FOLLOW 3 EASY STEPS TO GET FREE LEGAL ADVICE (It only takes 5 seconds and it is really fast service. Don't just take our word or the word of thousands of people who use this system every month - Try it yourself!

STEP 1: SMS the word LEGAL and the name of your town to 39051.
STEP 2: Wait for the replying sms containing your unique reference number and the contact details of the attorney that will be allocated to assist you, who will be waiting for your call and who will gladly assist you free of charge.
STEP 3: Now call or email the attorney who's details you have received and ask him your legal question. The attorney will attend to your question ASAP.
legal advice

* Terms and conditions apply

SA Legal (Pty) Ltd provides FREE professional legal advice in English or Afrikaans! WE ARE NOT GETTING PAID FOR PROVIDING YOU WITH LEGAL ADVICE. We are only one of many legal firms contracted by smsattorney.com to provide FREE advice. We can however only assist you with FREE advice if you get a reference number from smsattorney.com. Just sms the word "legal" (without the quotes) followed by a space and then the name of your town to 39051 . Each sms charged by smsattorney.com at R15.00 inclusive of VAT.Thats it! No high consultation fees. You will immediately receive a replying sms from smsattorney.com containing a reference number and the details of a lawyer who will gladly provide you with FREE legal advice on ANY topic. Participating attorneys are not allowed to charge you for this FREE consultation or advice. Services might only be available during normal office hours.  

The smsattorney system is operated by www.smsattorney.com and not by us. Please read their terms and conditions on www.smsattorney.com/terms.php